Turtle Sense/Minutes of conference call 10-18-2013

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Participants: Tom Zimmerman, Sam Wantman, Dave Hermeyer, Eric Kaplan, Charles Wade


Intro: Tom gave a brief introduction of Chuck (present for first time). Chuck had sent email items prior to phone conference.

1. Finances.

It appears we need at least $15k for 30 units. Eric: NPS will do $50k/year for awhile. They now derive revenue from charges to drive on beach which may be the fund source. Available 2014 (Eric to follow up)? If so, this may cover our expenses next year?

2. Other Cities/Areas?

Alabama-NASA engineer. Backend project perhaps for BBAFF proposal (Kaplan) for NC Coastal Recreational Fishing License Fund. Put eggs in cages?

Bald Head Island, NC. Large organization with strong funding

Audubon Voyager?

3. Web support

Sam: SF person developing mapping for satellite data, sent over internet, which might be useful.

Sam developing Nerd without Borders WIKI. Strong arguments for open source site which covers what we’ve developed/learned. Should cover such as teaching (best practices), devices, design experiences.

Long discussion on whether in addition to the public section there should be a private section (just this group). Private may be needed for legal interactions with future partners. Issue not resolved.

4. Engineering team, version 2

Sam and Tom. Discussion as to changes coming. Comments on need for a time line.

5. Radio version

Sam has found volunteers who will possibly create this and perhaps assemble as well. Looking for inexpensive design

6. Funding

Crowd funding. Chuck suggested CrowdRise. Sam has done two of these, noted they are a lot of work and require well-advertised buildup to an event with subsequent follow thru. Would require swag and effective donor stroking/communication. May be beyond our resources. Correct timing and correct dollar goals are critical if we proceed.

Eric: In NC Coastal Fishing grant proposal (Would be summer 2015 money). $100k in budget. Grant station, Center for Non-profit Excellence (Charlottesville, VA high schoolers working on proposals)?

DECA marketing programs?

Paradox: environmentalists and the “drive on beach” interests have a common goal in reducing the time needed for path to beach.

7. Other Groups with related goals

Seaturtlehospital.org (Karen Beasley center, topsail island) Lew Browning (associated with Beasley? SeaTurtleConservancy.org

Many web sites.

8. Possible Swag

List from Sam and Tom: Pool on hatching date; pool on tagged female turtles (GPS) return date for nesting. More??

9. Division of labor

Eric: involvement of Hatteras Island Ocean Center non-profit; interface with NPS including actions at nest sites; interface with turtle groups., esp North Carolina

Dave/Sam: Engineering/electronic communications

Tom: Probe device design/construction

Chuck: admin, funding, searches for effective turtle web sites

10. Tom IBM availability.

Percentage of time he can devote to this is set by IBM management policy.