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  • Thomas Zimmerman User:Tom, Engineering -- Phase One and Two, Phase One software and assembly
  • Samuel Wantman User:Sam, Project management, Wiki (nerdswithoutborders.net), Volunteer coordination, Circuit board layout, Phase Two software
  • Eric Kaplan User:Eric, Non-profit issues, Finances, Fundraising, National Park Service interface, Public relations, Liason with other turtle organizations, Catch-all
  • David Hermeyer User:Dave, Phase Two hardware engineering and assembly
  • Charles Wade User:Chuck, Working with Eric on fund raising, outreach with other groups, documentation
  • Lou Browning -- Phase One deployment, acoustic research
  • Mark Salvatore User:Mark -- Database admin and Web Application development
  • Christopher Romero User:Chris -- Web Server Admin
  • Harriet Durling Kaplan User:Harriet -- Copy Editing


Other Volunteers

If you would like to help with this project, please send an e-mail to "admin" at nerdswithoutborders.net.