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Welcome to my talk page. Please leave me a message by clicking here. Hi, Sam. I logged on, clicked on Chuck, filled in a box, clicked I can't find it. Under what might it be stored?

I'm a bit baffled about how to provide info from the phone conf

     ? write it up as it occurred (1,2,3,4..) then put it somewhere - -if so, where?
     ? split it into portions somehow for individuals?

We may have to have a discussion since Talk and Page and a few other things aren't clicking with me. I can see the advantages of a Wiki for our coming discussions--will be better once I can handle it.

cheers, chuck

How can one reach you?


We were sitting on the comfy bench at DorkBot 2 weekends ago- I from NYC, you from the Bay Area.

I thought your presentation was phenomenal and wanted to exchange cards, but you didn't have one- is this the best place to reach you?