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Proposed structure

The root directory of the server is the destination of server.turtlesense.org

  1. /bin - system executable files
  2. /lib - system libraries
  3. /boot - kernel files (critical)
  4. /etc - system configuration files
  5. /usr - shared user applications
  6. /home - home directories for specific users
  7. /var - services files (logs, mailboxes, web)
    1. /www -- websites
      1. /ts -- Turtle Sense -- This is the destination of root.turtlesense.org
        1. /live -- this is the eventual destination of turtlesense.org and www.turtlesense.org
        2. /test -- this is the destination of test.turtlesense.org for testing
        3. /manager -- (cron, logging, parser, invokeParser, etc.) this is the destination of manager.turtlesense.org
          1. /logs -- (a record of activities)
        4. /reports -- Where reports from all organizations are uploaded. Also the destination of nps.turtlesense.org and any other organizations (xxx.turtlesense.org), as long as we are hosting the data for the organization. If an organization wants to move to a different site, we can move the subdomain to point wherever they wish.
        5. /report_errors -- destination of mal-formed reports
        6. /processed_reports -- Processed reports from differnt orgs
          1. /nps -- National Park Service (Directory with acronym for each organization)
            1. /caha -- Cape Hatteras National Seashore (sub directory, might be different for differnt organizations)
              1. /2014 -- (Season)
            2. /zzz -- Other sub directories for each organization
          2. /xxx -- Other organizations get their own subdirectory structure
        7. /backup -- Backups of the database
      2. /nwb -- Other domains, like NerdsWithoutBorders for example